Military and VA Program

Safety in Motion’s Dedication to Our Military

Safety in Motion Flight Center is a professional Part 141 Flight School, which is approved by both the FAA and VA for providing flight training programs and supporting a host of VA GI Bill educational benefit programs. We provide student-focused education and training for pilot certificates and ratings ranging from Sport Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot in both single and multi-engine aircraft, and all flight instructor certificates and ratings. Additionally, we provide specialized training ranging from mountain flying, tailwheel, high performance, to high altitude operations, plus much more! Safety in Motion has highly-skilled and experienced flight instructors that are very knowledgeable in military training options and the various GI Bill Programs, three of whom are veterans.

Committed To Education and Safety

The flight instructor staff are standardized in the courses they teach, so that each studentís training program is consistent. Regardless of weather, instructors work with their students to always have a training Plan B & C to ensure continued progress toward their goals.


Learning is defined as a change of behavior as a result of experience.
Our senior instructors literally have thousands of hours of both flight and instructional experience in general aviation. So, the focus is not on instructors building flight time, but rather a commitment to our students education and progress. We incorporate both our Redbird FMX AATD(simulator) and multiple training aircraft (both single and multi-engine) into your training program in a planned sequence, which helps students acquire and understand key concepts prior to putting them to use in the air. This helps to keep training organized, on-budget and on-time.

Real World Experience

Training in the Pacific Northwest provides pilots with the knowledge and skills needed to operate in varied weather and terrain. Student experiences are guided by our professional instructors to provide them with a safe environment to acquire a ìhands-onî understanding of what it takes to be a confident and proficient aviator.


Safety in Motion’s flight instructors and support staff are dedicated to your success! We work hard to understand your goals and learning style, and then work with you to develop a realistic training plan and budget to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Open 7 days a week, our friendly staff are always available to answer any questions you may have and will work diligently to ensure you receive the highest levels of aviation training and customer service possible.

Using the GI Bill

There are a number of different GI Bill educational programs, which veterans qualify for depending on their service dates and the benefit program(s) the veteran is enrolled in. Flight training programs can be offered either through a vocational flight school specializing only in flight training, or through a college degree program that incorporates flight training. The vocational flight school training programs can typically get you through your various pilot certificates and ratings faster, but veterans do not qualify for a housing allowance. College-related programs must be looked into carefully as reimbursement limits differ between public and private colleges.

Flight Training Reimbursement Process

Veterans must already possess at least a Private Pilot Certificate and current 2nd-class medical certificate prior to applying for flight trainging benefits under with the VA (We have other financing options to help with that, if needed). One enrolled, veterans pay for their flight training out-of-pocket as they go and each month the school submits a “certification” of what the veteran spent. This amount is then reimbursed back into the veteran’s account from the VA to be applied toward future training, or refunded back to the veteran. Under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, this amount is refunded at 100% up to the annual allowed limit which changes every September (See resource link below for Rate Table). For veterans enrolled under the Montgomery GI Bill or REAP programs, reimbursement is limited to up to 60% of the allowed charges. The staff at Safety in Motion are quite knowledgeable about these various programs and how they work with flight training, so simply call or make an appointment so we can discuss you individual enrollment program and flight training goals. We’re here to help!
Flight Training Programs for Veterans
Our Chief Flight Instructor and many of the senior flight instructors are all military veterans, so we understand the importance of offering this type of training to active and transitioning military veterans looking for careers as a pilot. It is for this reason, our programs are constantly expanding! Currently, we are authorized by the VA for training leading to the Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certificates and Flight Instructor certificate. Additionally, we’re approved for pilot ratings to include: Instrument-airplane, multi-engine, instrument instructor, and multi-engine instructor. We have additional “specialization courses” currently in development targeted toward helping veterans getting placed in unique jobs such as bush pilots, cargo, and corporate flying. Again, to find out more simply contact us!

Below are some links you may find helpful. As you can see there are a number of alternatives available to veterans. The aviation industry is becoming despirate for pilots, so a decision to pursue a career as a professional pilot is a worthwhile undertaking! The first step in make a decision like this is to get all the information you can, weigh your options, then make an informed decision. We’re here to help with that process, so if you’re ready to take that first step simply schedule a meeting with us to discuss your goals. We can then draft up what your individualized training program will look like, estimate cost, and help you take that first step!

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