Aircraft Rentals

Aircraft Rental Rates (Wet)

Aircraft Hourly Rate   Block Rate*
Cessna 150 $108/hr $100/hr
Cessna 172K $135/hr $122/hr
Cessna 172L $135/hr $122/hr
Piper J3 Cub $120/hr $108/hr
Piper Arrow (PA28R-180) $150/hr $135/hr
Piper Seminole (PA44-180)   $280/hr $265/hr

* a block consists of 10 hours or more paid in advance

Redbird Flight Simulator Rates (without instructor)

Aircraft Hourly Rate
Cessna 172 $40/hr
Cessna 182 $40/hr
Beech Baron $40/hr

Redbird Simulator may be used to log time towards various pilot certificates and ratings.
Contact us for more information.

Flight Instructor Rates

Flight & Ground Instruction   $58/hr
Advanced Instruction $85/hr

Flight Rates

Intro Flight (Orientation in Simulator + In-Aircraft Flying): $99
Scenic Flight In Cessna 172 or J3 Cub: $215 +tax